My Name is Dietrich Schmidt. Born and raised in the incredible city of Austin, TX.   I am a worship leader, musician, songwriter, and I love people, a good film, guacamole, and photography. My life has taken quite a few twists and turns in direction from being a corporate strategy consultant to a touring musician, but through all of it God has continually sought me out, pursued me in gracious love, gently shepherded me to a place where I simply want more of Him.  I am confident that knowing Jesus is the only thing that satisfies in this world.  Now I am afforded the privilege of living life with a community of people that have also experienced His grace and forgiveness are continually being renewed and transformed by the Gospel in every area of life.  And my greatest joy is getting to point those that don’t know Jesus to the good news, freedom, and new life freely available to them because of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

For the next year I will be serving as a Resident at the Austin Stone Community Church and helping lead worship at the South Campus of the Austin Stone.

Follow updates on what’s going on in my life on this blog.

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